Melody's Gardening in Central Texas

Resources: Places to Shop, Things to See, Products to Buy

These are some of our best sources for plants, supplies, and other great things for Central Texas Gardeners.

Bonnie's Greenhouse     Spray-N-Grow     Garden Charms     Garden Molds   

These are some shots of Bonnie's Greenhouse in Waco, Texas. This is a great place to go to see what to grow here. Then you can get expert advise and bring home some beautiful plants for your garden. Call for directions! 888-799-8202.

Wow!! I just discovered this great website. I had to rush to add it to my resources. This website sells garden stepping stone molds and, what is even more wonderful, edging stone molds. Yes, I know, you've seen stepping stone molds before, but these are something special. They are so beautiful. They are a good price for the value. They have a wide selection and they also carry powder cement colorants. These are almost impossible to find. I have tried, and even manufacturers have not been able to help me unless I was willing to buy tons of it. You want to use the powder colorant because it doesn't dilute the mixture and weaken it. This site also offers some great ideas on how to decorate and use your edgers and stepping stones once you have made them. I am excited about this site and hope you will be too. Go to

Spray-N-Grow is a local company in Rockport, Texas that started as a family business. They have specially prepared products to fertilize your plants. Visit their website at to see their products. Let's support our native Texas companies.

Here's a great site one of my viewers found for us. They make nifty markers for your plants and some other nice things too. Give them a visit at Garden



Do you have a great resource for Texas gardeners? Let us know and we may include it here. Just send us an E mail today. This website is a public service for the citizens of Central Texas. If we agree you are a great resource, you can be listed here at no charge.